1971 GT1300 Junior, Gaillo Ochra

Alfa Romeo GT1300 Junior, original UK supplied car, RHD.

Original 1290cc engine with original gearbox and final drive

I remember looking at these in the late 1990's, for not much more than a couple of grand. I have wanted one ever since, then they got expensive. This car arrived on the market at just the right time and in a moment of madness I agreed to meet the owner in a fuel station near Stanstead Airport. I arrived in the El Camino and drove home in the Alfa, he in the big Chevy, no money changed hands, and we both left happy if not slightly perplexed. I cannot imagine that this trade that has ever taken place before.

A number of upgrades and improvements have been made in order to improve reliability, enhance drivability and reduce weight. The engine bay has been significantly reworked to reduce weight and improve the aesthetics. 

  • Alfaholics 15" GTA style wheels
  • Alfaholics upgraded pedal boxes with brake bias adjustment and servo delete
  • Ferodo DS2500 brake pads front and rear
  • Alfaholics stainless steel exhaust system including tubular headers
  • Electric fuel pump
  • 123-Ignition USB mappable distributor
  • Upgraded, lightweight alternator
  • Geared starter motor
  • Electric cooling fan
  • GTA type adjustable camber arms
  • Polyurethane bushes in the top control arms and strut rods
  • Koni adjustable shock absorbers and uprated springs
  • Nardi steering wheel
  • Battery relocated to the rear seat position

The original car weighed in at 990kg whilst now (with spare wheel removed) it is at 914kg with an improved weight distribution yet no compromise to sound insulation nor comfort.

Great for touring, track-days and short blasts around the lanes this really is an all purpose Alfa.

Perhaps in need of more power next.....