Photo courtesy of Goodwood Road and Racing

Photo courtesy of Goodwood Road and Racing


1971 GT1300 Junior, Gaillo Ochra

For sale is my original UK RHD Alfa GT 1300 Junior (not S.A. import as many are). Finished in its factory colour scheme of Giallo Ocra with black trim. 66,000 miles and now MOT and Tax exempt..

Original 1290cc engine with original gearbox and final drive

A number of upgrades and improvements have been made in order to improve reliability, enhance drivability and reduce weight. The engine bay has been significantly reworked to reduce weight and improve the aesthetics. 

The original car weighed in at 990kg whilst now (with spare wheel removed) it is at 914kg with an improved weight distribution yet no compromise to sound insulation nor comfort.

Great for touring, track-days and short blasts around the lanes this really is an all purpose Alfa.

It is a great, reliable, and usable GT Junior that I have had in constant use for the last 3 years. A large history file comes with the car. 

The 1290cc engine goes really well, sounds crisp.  The car has lovely taught suspension and steering without being too firm. 

Competed in numerous Goodwood club events including GRRC Autosolos (with a class win) and the GRRC Spring Sprint in 2018 and 2019. Best Sprint position (in the pouring rain!) was 3rd place out of 18 entries in the up to 2-litre class in 2018.

There are numerous upgrades as detailed below:

Suspension and Steering

·      15 x 7” Alfaholics wheels

·      Suspension upgrades to include uprated springs, dampers and anti roll bar

·      GTA type adjustable camber arms

·      New caster arm bushes

·      Nardi steering wheel on Alfaholics billet aluminium boss

Brakes and Hydraulics

·      Alfaholics pedal box conversion with brake bias adjustment

·      Ferodo DS2500 brake pads all round

·      Stainless braided brake hoses

·      Alfaholics clutch master cylinder and mounting 

·      New clutch slave cylinder

·      New brake lines all round

·      New brake and clutch remote reservoirs 

·      Grooved and drilled brake discs all round

Engine and Cooling

·      123 Ignition fully programmable USB interface distributor from Alfaholics, with custom map and adjustable soft cut rev limiter

·      Uprated ‘Cat Cams’ camshafts, perked the engine up but retains a great idle

·      Full Alfaholics stainless exhaust system including headers

·      Lightweight geared starter

·      Lightweight alternator

·      Electric cooling fan

Fuel System

·      Solid carburetor mounts with latest type ‘O’ ring seals for the twin Dell’Orto 40s 

·      Electric fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator

·      New fuel tank, level sender, filler boot and cap.

·      All new fuel lines

Body and Trim etc.

·      Fibreglass doors with original window and lock mechanisms

·      Engine bay fully re-worked to tidy and remove excess weight

·      Battery relocated to rear seat well

·      Rear seats removed and rear seat wells carpeted 

Bits to improve

As with all old cars there are bits that could be improved. The body is not perfect, there are a few bubbles in the normal Alfa areas but it is generally very solid and usable. The doors fit well but the window mechanisms could be improved, the hinges are showing signs of wear and the door windows do leak a bit. 

Parts included

Genuine, original steel wheels (with good tyres), steering wheel, points distributor, air filter box, rear seats, servos, engine bay brackets etc are all with the car to enable it to be returned to original specification.


£18,750 ono