1975 Alpine A110 1300VC

Alpine A110, original Dieppe built car, LHD.

Originally painted in the lovely Alpine Blue this car left the Dieppe factory fitted with the 1300 Gordini engine.

Subsequent owners have carried out a number of alterations including fitting a Renault 5 Gordini sourced 840 series 1400cc engine and 5-speed transaxle. The radiator has been moved to the front and externally there has been the addition of the Group 4 wheel arches, PLS split rim wheels and the Group 5 type rear deck lid.

Dad bought the car in 2006 in the north of England where it had been campaigned in local club rallies and other such competitive events. I drove it down to Sussex from just north of Bolton and readied it for delivery to France.

The trip to through France will take a while to forget. An alternator failure just before the Dover docks meant a flat battery on the M20 and a hurried swap of electrical power source with the 'support' Porsche 944 S2 also making its way down for a new life in the Lot et Garonne. We got on the boat at 8.30am. Two new batteries were bought at a local service station on the outskirts of Boulogne thus signifying the beginnings of numerous renditions of: Alpine drains battery - swap to 944 - push start 944 - charge the battery - Alpine drains battery..... Repeat every 45 minutes for over 600 miles. Not assisted by the rain, then the fogged screens and eventually the dark. Running in very close formation, Alpine tucked in behind 944, and only using sidelights (or no lights at all when there was no other traffic) we eventually arrived at 6.30am the following morning. 

It is a great car, weighing in at 610kg the small engine capacity doesn't matter. Fun for rally, hillclimb, track or just a really good thrash round the quiet leafy lanes of rural France.

An engine rebuild is now required to rectify a valve problem picked up at a Goodwood track day, it is currently back in the UK. It will live again soon....