1985 BMW 635CSi

BMW 635CSi Automatic 

Originally based on the E12 5-Series saloon, the E24 coupe took in a full structural and mechanical redesign in 1982, drawing it's features from the new E28 5-Series.

The front mounted M30 3.5litre straight six was top of the 12-valve tree, only bettered in the E24 range by the M1 derived M88 24-valve engine in the M635CSi/M6. Later facelifts included tweaked bumpers, arches and trim on the Highline, however, at least to my eyes, the earlier chrome bumper cars retain the faithful shark nose simplicity and industrial elegance.

This 635CSi has spent most of its 85k miles with one family. Having been featured in Car Magazine in the late 1980's at the time of the announcement of the then new E31 8-Series, it found it's way to the showroom of Dick Lovett in Swindon. It was bought by a company owner who passed it to his wife, then son. Twenty five years later I bought it, dealer promo cassette, full history, sales invoice et al.

It's a good spec with beige Recaro leather, Climate control, cruise and LSD, all expensive options when new. Though nothing came for free back then, I think even air in the tyres was on the BMW option list at that time.

Bought as a project, it needs fairly comprehensive lower body reconstruction. The normal E24 hotspots of the front wings, sills and rear arches all require attention. It is however a long way from being a basket case. The only problem area could be the front bumper assembly, notoriously rust prone, difficult to find replacements for and very, very expensive when you do. I have however plugged away over the years and nearly have a complete new assembly.

It starts, drives, stops and actually isn't far from MOT standard, if a little scruffy, however, it deserves better than a quick spruce up and rushed MOT. It waits patently in line for a comprehensive rebuild...