1970 Corvette 454, Monza Red

Chevrolet Corvette LS5 454 Coupe. Manual transmission

The LS5 454 Corvette, along with other Chevrolet products of 1970, was a bit of a swan song for the big block, not too long after this the power was slashed with ever tightening emission control regs.

390hp and 500lb/ft with a 4-speed manual and an limited slip rear end make a fun drive in a comparatively small and light car like the C3 Corvette. As close as the USA got to a European type sports car.

I've wanted a chrome bumper C3 since I saw the original Bill Mitchell Mako Shark II concept and Simon Taylor's black C3 on the lawns of the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the late 1990's.

This car needs work, the suspension bushes are shot, it sits too high, the clutch slips, there is play in the steering box, the side pipes don't fit, and the wheels.... the wheels have got to go. The L88 type hood is wrong and it could do with being reinstated to Mulsanne Blue, its original colour. However it may just have to make do with some black Motion stripes over the red for the moment..... 

It may be more of a cruiser than a true sports car.

One for next summer.....