Autohistoric Ltd

As a classic and race car engineer and restorer for over 20 years Gregg May has gained a large amount of experience in the rebuild and refinishing of historic cars and components. As well as experience Gregg has collected a vast array of cars and therefore parts over the years….

An engineer with Eagle E-Types since 2005, Gregg formed Autohistoric Ltd as a route to filter out some of this experience and also cars and parts outside of normal working hours, an extension of the passion if you like.

Autohistoric are able to occasionally offer fully rebuilt and refinished carburettors for sale, details of which will appear on the carburettor pages. These may be offered for outright sale with surcharge or on an exchange basis.

As well as the carburettors I can from time to time, offer an interesting selection cars and parts for sale too.

Please keep an eye on these pages for the latest carburettors, cars and parts available.