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1954 Triumph TR2

TS1562, original long door, UK supplied car, RHD.

Dad bought this in 1975 for £80 having previously run a pair of TR4s. After a quick mechanical and bodywork refresh it was pressed into service for a trip to the south of France and Monaco, running a big end bearing on the way (and making it all the way back). In the 1970's these were not pampered cars but it was in the early days of the TR Register, a club which has been a May family constant for well over 40 years.

Mum drove the car a lot into the early 80's with it being pressed into everyday service. I vaguely remember being strapped between the seats as a toddler with the family Springer Spaniel taking the passenger seat.

On the road until around 1986 it then spent the next 14 years tucked away in a lockup whilst family life, house renovations and an E-Type roadster rebuild took priority. The TR finally broke cover in the Millennium year and a more comprehensive rebuild began. This took until 2012 to finally complete!

Its first trip after the rebuild was to Goodwood to watch a wintery South Downs Stages rally sprint event. It was -8 degrees outside, we had no heater, nor any sidescreens. The car however behaved faultlessly, I think we even enjoyed the run once feeling had returned to our hands and faces.

Not built to standard spec (it never has had the matching numbers engine since Dad has owned it) it has been reconstructed to be used and enjoyed, sympathetically upgraded for reliability. It retains its fragile Lockheed axle, drum brakes all round and dynamo charge system but now includes such luxuries as overdrive, a heater and windscreen washers. The engine is a balanced 2198cc unit still running H4 SU carburetors but with electronic ignition, narrow belt pulleys and damper and an electric cooling fan on the back of the radiator. The only other work carried out is the inclusion of a custom fabricated front sump shield which also mounts an adjustable front anti roll bar.

It has been used a lot since restoration and will be into the future. This is one that will not be for sale!

Still residing with my parents now in France 40 years on....