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Routine servicing, preventative maintenance,  and sympathetic upgrades for safety, reliability, and usability

Our workshops are able to undertake all aspects of routine service work and preventative maintenance. Veteran and vintage cars demand a certain kind of care, we are experienced in all aspects of work required to keep these special vehicles operating as they should.

Modern life with these historic vehicles leads to modern requirements. We are able to sympathetically upgrade veteran, Edwardian, and vintage vehicles to better meet the demands of modern usage, without compromising their historic integrity. Safety, reliability and usability are all considerations when using and enjoying these vehicles in the modern era. Improved brakes and clutches, electric starters, upgraded fuel and ignition systems, and enhanced cooling are all areas in which we can help. 

We are able to advise and assist in determining the best options for each individual case. 


There comes a time in most cars lives when routine maintenance just isn't enough, a time when more major works need to be undertaken. We are very experienced in all aspects of restoration, whether it be a complete concours rebuild or a delicate preservation of well earned patina.

We can repair, restore, and remanufacture damaged or obsolete components and carry out the vast majority of work in house. Fabricated, machined, and cast components can all be remade or restored, original finishes of paint, nickel plate, leather, or varnish can then be applied. 

For any aspects that are outside of the scope of our workshops we have a small number of experienced and trusted local companies with whom we work.  

Complete or partial restorations. Recommissioning and preserving.

Carefully selected veteran and vintage vehicles for sale

We are pleased to display a number of carefully selected vehicles for sale, please see our Showroom for details of what we currently have to offer. 

If we don't have the vehicle that you are looking for we can offer a sourcing service utilising our trusted contacts and our experience to find you the vehicle that you desire.

If you are looking to sell your vehicle we have several options to offer, from commission sale to outright purchase. Please Contact Us to discuss the available options

We are able to offer safe and secure, long or short term storage solutions for your veteran, Edwardian, or vintage vehicle.

Our passion and knowledge of pre war vehicles allows us to offer a specially designed service which surpasses conventional classic car storage solutions. 

We understand the demands of the vehicles of this era and have tailored our storage to suit.

Please see our Storage page for more information.

Safe and secure vehicle storage with options to tailor the service to meet your needs.

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