In the beginning....

I had no choice really, I was always going to end up with a slightly obsessive interest in cars. Long before I came onto the scene my parents had a number of TR4s, a TR2, an MG Midget, a Fiat 600 and a S1 E-Type roadster to name but a few. From a very early age I was often found in a baby seat wedged into the back of that TR2, a car that they still have to this day.

I grew up around TRs, E-Types, Cobras and GT40s. I gained engineering experience with a number of friends and local companies on restorations and race cars. 

I've been fortunate to get involved in a track days and competition, from both sides of the fence.

having to grow up....?

I wrote out of the blue to Henry Pearman at Eagle E-Types and he was kind enough to take me on in 2005. Other than a couple of experience-aquiringing exercises, some successful, others less-so, I am still there today, as is Rachel, my wife.

During this time the number of cars we have had/still have seems absurd. We now have two places to keep then too, with the collection being split between England and France.

Where is it all going?

Who knows? I have a real soft spot for Jaguar, Porsche and also Land Rover. However classic American and Italian also figure high on the list.

That's it really, the next few pages are a bit about what we've got and why. There is always room for a few more but lets get real here, we're incredibly fortunate to have what we have. 

Some are good, some are work in progress, some are a long way down the list.....